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Our Doujinshi's OCs

During the creation of Notre, we figured that since we made the nations as tangible as possible, it's impossible that they didn't have any interactions with actual humans or have any lasting impression or interactions with humans and vice-versa.

So we thought we'd make some original characters along the way to give the nations some dimension.^^

These OCs are not made to steal the spotlight from the main characters, but to give them some assistance from the sidelines, to represent a certain aspect of humanity and to remind them of who they really are.

silentside wrote the prologue of the first arc. This is where these 3 first appeared. It's here. http://silentside.dreamwidth.org/5190.html


Please be careful how you portray Japan.

Yo guys.

I know how dire and serious the situation is in Japan and how our hearts reach out to him in his hour of need.

Since we are artists, we express our concern and love by artworks.

But then we must also take care not to offend others by the art we post just because we feel like it. It's like abusing our freedom when we should in fact, be taking massive responsibility for every stroke of our brush and every artwork we release.

Pixiv.net has released a code of conduct post concerning Hetalia fan arts about Japan.


Take the time to read it. We, as Hetalia fans, must be careful and responsible about how we portray the characters. We must not be reckless and do things out of whim. If you mean well, then make sure your art expresses it properly.

We are all brothers and sisters in the fandom. And we wouldn't want such bad things said about our fellow fans, Himaruya-san and everyone who is connected to Hetalia.

Also, lastly and most importantly, we must consider the feelings of those who are affected by the disaster, which is a very grave situation. We must keep in mind that we have the responsibility to make people aware, to uplift their spirits and support them in any way we can.

BOOM by bluecons

I'm the master of my borders. I'm FREE.

Do not judge me.
You, who do not know me.
I am free and bound not by laws
I will never leave. I will never abandon.
I am like the river.
I am proud and free like the wind.
The only master of my borders.

You ain't gonna take me down. No way.
Don't judge a thing until you know what's inside it.
Don't push me - I'll fight it.
Never gonna give in - never gonna give it up no.

...You can't take me.


Because I want to say it the way it is.