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Writer's Block: Rise and shine

What's the first thing you do when you wake up?
Well... I look at the mirror and see which anime character my hair looks like (lol) and then I proceed to check my phone and turn off the alarm, fix the beddings and read a fic before doing the chores.XD

Hetalia Art Dump :D

Whew. Been very busy with local commissions so I'll make an art dump post.:D

Been making lotsa Hetalia fan art. And I'm so glad people like them.:D

I like drawing FACE the most (France, America, Canada and England).:D

We also made a calendar to be sold by January (coz I'm STILL drawing the others lolol).:D Yay!

Layout by silentside :D

I might sell a doujin anthology next year yay.:D With this as a preview!


Writer's Block: You're my best friend

Who was your best childhood friend, and where are they now?
Her name's Isabel. She was my first and best friend way back in kindergarten. She left me in 6th grade because she said we drifted apart. She's a lawyer now.

Oh yes, I've opened commissions now.:D

Thanks to Hetalia Day, I realized a lot of things. Like wanting to draw commissions yes.:D

Basically, it's open to the local peeps at the moment (within the Philippine Area of Responsibility) as of the moment. Since I'm still fixing the mode of payment. Those within the area as of the moment are more accessible (aka we can meet at cons lol).

When I fix the issue about the payment from overseas, I'll open up to that too.:D

Local Clients: If you wanna commission me, PM me.:D So we can talk it over.:3


silentside inspired me to make my own Hetalia doujinshi.

I'm already planning it and I hope to sell it next year.:D

Of course it's all about the FACE family.:D And then some surprise peeps...

Hope it works out right.^^


Still in the process of making lots of Kuroshitsuji and Hetalia fan art.:D Yes I'm handling two fandoms at the same time orz.

And the AMV...

And of course our manga...



Also, I've been practicing Sai for a while since this weekend. I pretty much enjoyed it. Although I'm not used to the technical stuff as of yet. I don't even know the names of the brushes and other stuff yet lol.:D

But the colors are so nice... And the sketchy style is so :heart:. So I'll be using it from now on.^^


I finally got into Pixiv (somehow). Thanks to some big help out there (you know who you are lulz). And man... the amount of great art there is WOW.

I feel ever more inspired to learn more and be more than I am now.^^

Sorry I can't get enough of the sunset colors.... Sai....

Hetalia Day

Last October 23, I went to Hetalia Day.:D It was held in a shady place in the Sunken Garden in UP.:D

It's my first time to attend and also my first time to sell artworks.:D Together with silentside who went there as Pirate England and pic_kuroi_aka as France. I went as casual Canada.:D Of course the clothes and Kumajirou were provided by silentside since she went as Canada before.

silentside brought a veeery huge UK flag and it served as beacon to those who arrived a bit late so they could find us easily lol. I carried it around most of the time when there wasn't anybody requesting.:D

silentside was in charge of the merch table. She sold vivalalixi prints and man did they sell like hotcakes that we were running out of change.:D

pic_kuroi_aka was complaining about the heat that she said she didn't wanna dress up. LOL so in character.:D

The people were very friendly and everyone was very enthusiastic.:D No one is that shy or killjoy and everybody knew someone. I met some nice kids there too ( we were mistaken as high school students yessss) mostly fujoshis ah yes I remember the early years lol.:D

I did commissioned artworks.:D I was pretty much challenged because I had to do everything quick and with all the quality that can be fitted at one sitting.^^ There were a lot of requests. Even up to now there are some requests that need to be done.^^

There were games and lots of food (which I wasn't able to taste lol too busy).:D And the cosplayers danced.:D And we had our picture taken.:D There were so maaaany pictures that it's amazing.:D

And now I'm inspired to draw more and to finally do commissions.:D I'm overwhelmed at the amount of people who bought my art that I feel compelled to make better artworks for them should I be given a chance to draw for them again.^^ All I had at the time were pencils, pentel pens and fail colored pencils. Next time, girls. I'll get even.^^

Thank you so much to God for making the weather nice despite the fact that at the time we were in the middle of two storms tugging at each other, to those girls who asked me to draw for them semi-naked nations and crack pairings, the girl who gave me a glass of water, my fujoshis who shaded me with an umbrella and carried my bag and the merch table when it drizzled, for the girl who bought my pencil/pen sketch for P200, for the people who made the event possible, for pic_kuroi_aka who was a good Papa France and kept looking out for me, and to Daddy England aka silentside for luring me to the dark side. lol.

For now... I'm doing additional commissions.^^ And also, I'm studying WW2 for my next video/artwork project with silentside.

I wish I could be epic.:D

So I'll keep working until I do become epic.:D

Writer's Block: Trick or treat

Do you plan to dress up this year? If so, who or what are you going to be?
I hope to dress up as Cheshire Cat Grell and Canada in Ranger suit.:D

I wish.:D

Hetalia and Kuroshitsuji at the same time

I'm not really a fan of Hetalia.

My mind can't take 2 fandoms (or more) at the same time. It's like having to serve two masters at once.

But there were exceptions.

And this one here is an example.

My first love has been Kuroshitsuji.

And now this one is being a close second.


Close enough to make me want to make my own video comprising of my own (future) artworks.

AGH. Just a fanvid is enough to convert me. NOT EVEN CANON. What has gotten into me???

DARN YOU, silentside. You're GOOD!



But yes. Hetalia fan arts are some of the prettiest and most amazing fan art I have ever seen.*A*

It makes me feel small and insignificant when I see fan arts from Pixiv.

Therefore I must strive to be as good as them!:D

Oh well. Still will make Kuro art. But will also make Hetalia art soon. Not now. I got too much on my list.:D

Hetalia: Deliver Us


Agh. Darn you, silentside for posting this and making me all *A*.

I love this vid. Because of the significance and all. Nations. War.

I love this aspect of Hetalia.*A* And the song...


The Gap of 7 Years

This was way back in college when I first met silentside.

We were cosplaying Angel Sanctuary as Katan and Mad Hatter (yes I haz poor props hahaha).:D

We were so thin thanks to the rigorous workout we call Advertising Arts.:D

A lot has changed. But I, of course, like how we turned out now.^^

Wow, silentside. It's almost a decade. What'll we do on our 10th year?:D

Writer's Block: Good eats

What are your three most and least favorite foods?

3 Most favorite:


3 Least Favorite:

1.Giniling (ground pork)
2.Beef (except burger)
3.Fish Rolls

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